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We have done our best to source our ingredients from reputable suppliers with exceptional standards. But we, like most food product makers, do not have first hand exposure to the farms and supply chain that produced our ingredients

Solution: Over time, we want to investigate the supply chain behind each of our ingredients, visiting the farmers and all of the manufacturers and other companies between them and us. We want to be able to verify first hand that the land, plants and resulting food products that go into our latte were responsibly cared for. This will be expensive and time consuming. But for you, us, the workers and the planet, it’s worth it.

We currently manufacture 10 serving bags, which means some of our habitual users will throw away 15 or more empty bags per year. This is more wasteful than we need to be.

Solution: Our ultimate goal is zero waste. Our first step in that direction will be manufacturing a second line of 20 serving bags to give customers a bulk option to reduce bag waste. Later we will explore using compostable or recyclable bags.

Our MCT oil powder is not organic and includes a tiny amount of sodium caseinate. Sodium caseinate is a milk derivative that qualifies as “dairy free” but still may not be advisable for anyone whose is sensitive to trace amounts of dairy. We spent dozens of hours looking for a good MCT oil powder for a reasonable price and this was the best we could come up with, for now.

Solution: In the future, when we’re ordering larger quantities, we’ll be able to solve both of these issues with custom manufacturing or a bulk deal from some high end suppliers.

With four ingredients, our prebiotic fiber blend is more diverse than most drink products but not as diverse as it could be. Current research and evidence from natural diets suggest that we thrive with increased fiber diversity.

Solution: Over time, we will incorporate partially hydrolyzed guar gum and other taste-compatible prebiotic fibers into the latte at responsible ratios.

For taste reasons, we are not able to include sufficient piperine to fully maximize bioavailability of the curcumin in your latte. Also, a full-spectrum turmeric extract would be preferable to curcumin alone.

Solution: Once we reach sufficient order quantities, we will replace or augment curcumin and piperine with a full-spectrum turmeric extract called Acumin, or something similar. Acumin more closely represents the whole food turmeric, including other curcuminoids besides curcumin as well as turmeric fiber and protein. It is also highly bioavailable, eliminating the need for piperine.

An almost negligible weakness is the fact that a tiny amount of tapioca maltodextrin (less than 0.25 grams per serving) is used as a carrier for our coconut milk powder. This is a sugar extracted from tapioca that has a high GI rating and does not contribute much if anything in the way of nutrients.

Solution: At some point, we will explore manufacturing our own coconut milk powder that uses something like acacia fiber as a carrier. We haven’t been able to find anything like this on the market at a reasonable price.

As with any caffeinated drink, if you drink our latte 4+ days per week, then you’ll probably build a caffeine tolerance and ultimately caffeine dependency (if you’re not dependent already). The level of tolerance depends on how many mgs of caffeine you’re consuming. We offer two different caffeine strengths to suit your needs.

Solution: In the near future, we want to offer a non-caffeinated latte flavor that provides energy in other ways, as well as a completely non-stimulating latte flavor. This way you can cycle your lattes to manage your weekly caffeine and overall stimulant consumption.

We tried to stay as close to the whole food as possible with our ingredients. Matcha is the whole powdered leaf, for instance. But there are always compromises for powdered convenience: our fibers are all extracts, our coconut milk has to go through processing to be powdered, etc. We feel good about consuming them, but they’re not a replacement for whole foods.

Solution: Add healthy whole foods directly to your latte, like grass-fed butter. Pair the latte with easy prep whole foods -- a fruit, an avocado, an egg or two -- for a complete, healthy and convenient breakfast or lunch.

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